CV Automobilindo Perkasa which started in July 21st 2017 inspired to take the lead to revolutionize Indonesian auto care industry as well as helping many overseas companies to find their market in Indonesia which will benefit Indonesian customers and the overseas companies themselves to market many innovative products and services to Indonesian market.

In November 2017 year, CV. Automobilindo Perkasa have expanded its business rapidly in less than a year, from just a small distributor into business consultancy, with its partnership with SnapOn Business Solution to serve one of the biggest automotive manufacturing brand in Indonesia and the world, Nissan Motor Indonesia, providing Accounting consultancy service for 98 Nissan dealers in Indonesia, including conglomerate dealers like Indomobil group and Auto Kencana Andalas.

In 2019, CV. Automobilindo Perkasa again expanded its business portfolio by becoming outsourcing packaging, trucking and logistics consultants for AGS Indonesia, a record management & company global relocation based in France. And in the same year CV. Automobilindo Perkasa became business development consultant for the French startup company, PT SAS Bumi Kapital which is engaged in the field textile, wood and fashion.

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